Boudoir - Agnes Water Boudoir Photography

Today I popped my marina locke boudior photography hat on. The last month I have worn the baby, kids and family hat a lot. What a change!! 

Fiona and Rhys - Agnes Water newborn photography

A couple of months ago, I took one of most favourite bump photos. Fiona and that photo of her beautiful belly made me squeal with delight when I saw what I had captured. This weekend I got to visit little baby Rhys. He also made me squeal (on the inside this time, not good to startle newborn babies!!) Here he is. Beautiful. 

When mother nature gives you lemons.. make lemonade!! Agnes Water family photography


Little ones, middle ones and more little ones - Agnes Water children photography

It has been a busy month!!! 


Jodie and Luke - Agnes Water Wedding Photography

Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Enough said. 


K and W - Agnes Water Wedding Photography


Happy Birthday Kai Wesley - Agnes Water children photography

Happy birthday to our beautiful boy. Thank you for reminding us how special this world we live in is and how I must treasure every moment. 


Selkie of the sea - Agnes Water children photography

Yesterday I got to play with a little Selkie down by the sea. She danced like no one was watching, her mummy sang like no one was listening and I just did what I do!

The Crossens - Agnes Water family photography

What a beautiful family, they have fun, frivolity and a bit of naughtiness as well. Kids needed to be bribed with ice cream.. but so worth it!! 


If you go out in the woods today... - Agnes Water children photography

A very quick 2 minute session at a teddy bears picnic. What a beautiful boy Hunter James!

Miss Chloe - Agnes Water family photography

Miss Chloe has the art of smeyesing down to a tea. For those of you who don't watch America's Next Top Model... it is the very special talent of smiling with your eyes. It was blowing a gale today, it was better kite flying weather than pretty hair for photo shoot weather, but Miss Chloe WOW!!! 


Sunset hoop - Agnes Water commercial photography

Sometimes you capture that magic moment. The light is right, you get 'the shot'. A special thank you to the birds who knew they would top it off!! 


Hoop Fusion - Agnes Water commercial photography

Check out the amazing Miss Tarn and her Hoop Fusion at http://www.hoopfusion.com.au lots of colour, a heap of fun and a big load of laughter! 


A couple of fossils

I found these couple of old fossils, from the time, a long, long, time ago when digital cameras didn't exist (eek!!). There was no lcd screen to have a sneaky peak to see if you got 'the shot'. Instead you would wait with excitement and anticipation, and hope for the beauty to develop before your eyes. Sometimes magic happens. 


'Come dress yourself in love, let the journey begin' - Agnes Water Wedding Photography

Kimmy marries Andy


10 little toes

'There was one little baby who was born far away. And another who was born on the very next day and both of these babies as everyone knows has 10 little finger and ten little toes.' Mem Fox


A loo with the view

This spectacular sunrise was caught from the window in our loo. Sometimes you find sights that take your breath away in the strangest of places. 

'Romance is about the little things' - Agnes Water Wedding Photography

Thank you Mr. Gregory J. Godeck, I couldn't have said it better myself... 


Something old, something new - Agnes Water Wedding Photography

I love the little things, the beauty in the intricate beading on a precious wedding dress and finding that special something that means so much to the bride.  


Two years ago today my husband and I were trekking the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp and Goyko Ri. It was something I had always wanted to achieve and it reminded me why I love photography, even though it is so hard to really capture the beauty and magnitude of Nepal. The scenery was literally breath taking, the altitude nearly killed us.