Wish you were here - Agnes Water destination wedding photography

Ask anyone who is lucky enough to live here, there is something magical about this place. There is something about it, it steals a part of your heart and no matter how far you wander it is always with you. It is a town of secret, special places. Of beauty and peace and I am lucky enough to call it home. Agnes Water, wish you were here. Come for a holiday, come for a destination wedding. Come forever.


Cooper turns 4 - Agnes Water Children Photography

Perfect weather for a pool party!! Lots of swimming, pass the parcel and what may possibly be the best cake I have ever seen...


Mac and Milly - Agnes Water Family Photography

At last!! Another kid that hates clothes as much as mine! Photos in mum and dads room with beautiful baby sister, mmm no thanks. Clothes off and swimming pool, absolutely yes!!

Miss Amelia Sweetheart - Agnes Water newborn photography

I photographed Miss Amelia when she was just a bump a couple of months ago. She and her mummy are captured in one of my most favourite bump picks ever. They are beautiful. And she is, beautiful.

FIRE!!! FIRE!!! - Agnes Water commercial photography

Today, fireman calender shoot. I think you will agree they are enough to make a girl contemplating setting the house on fire!


Mr. Zeb - Agnes Water baby photography

Zeb is the kind of baby you can't help but adore. He has chubby feet, gappy teeth, the cutest smile and the best mohawk I have seen on an 8 month old EVER

Sisters - Agnes Water family photography

I just love this shot. It may be far from perfect from a photographer perspective, maybe it is because I have a sister and this look is one that is so familiar to me. There is something in it that just makes me smile.


And baby Jed makes 3 - Agnes Water family photography

I love ratbags. They are the best, this beautiful family has 2 very cute cheeky boys and I suspect their newest addition Jedd will be just as much fu

The bears and their rabbit - Agnes Water Family Photographer

Mama, Papa and Hunter bear with their Frankie Jean rabbit

Baby love - Agnes Water newborn photographer

Frankie's Mummy had always imagined if she had a little girl she would have to be a tomboy. Once Frankie actually arrived her Mummies world turned pink and purple and frilly. She is totally Frankiefied!!


The woodland fairy - Agnes Water family photography

Newborn in a tutu. LOVE!

Frankie Jean's amazing entrance - Agnes Water birth photography, Brisbane birth photography

Frankie Jean came in such a rush I literally had to choose the camera or the baby. Thank goodness not only am I photographer extraordinaire but active birth support as well! Needless to say, the canon got the flick and the baby got caught. What a special baby you are Frankie Jean.

Sometimes life takes your breath away - Brisbane Birth Photographer

January was a huge month. A very precious baby was born into the world Miss Willow Faye. Her mummy waited 42 long weeks to meet her, she made her mummy work very hard for 3 days until she got her first cuddle. Birth is something that I feel so privileged to be able to witness, be a part of and photograph. To me, it is the most beautiful, incredible thing I have ever seen. It never ceases to amaze me and it never ceases to take my breath away.

Dirty Harry - Agnes Water Family Photography

If your a Clint Eastwood fan like I am, this gorgeous little boys name won't be lost on you. It's Harry. Harry Callahan. Dirty Harry you are very, very cute!!!