Tree climbing and other adventures part two - Agnes Water family photography

These kids were fun. Of the best kind. They had me climbing trees and over rocks like I was in year 6. There is something so beautiful about the way K and B love each other. They have been the best of friends since they were teeny tiny and I know that distance won't change that. BFF. Whoops, sorry BFFL!


Tree climbing and other adventures part one - Agnes Water family photography

"If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!" Thank you JM Barrie, so perfectly put. 


Ang, Tigg and the bump part 2 - Agnes Water maternity photography

Ang, Tigg, bump and Benson. Perfect. 


Ang, Tigg and the bump part 1 - Agnes Water maternity photography

Here they are. Ang, Tigg and bump part 1. 


Ang's Baby Shower - Agnes Water family photography

Ang is one of those girls who is just beautiful. As beautiful inside as she is out. Today was her baby shower. This one is for those of you who love her as much as we do but couldn't be here today. 


Mr. Jedd and his first two teeth - Agnes Water family photography

Little Jeddy got his first two teeth in the last week. You would never know, all I got was these gorgeous big dimply smiles! 


Agnes Water 1770 destination weddings - Agnes Water wedding photography

I am a hopeless romantic. When we stumbled across our beautiful piece of paradise that is Agnes Water, all I could think about is how I would have loved to have been married here. There is breathtaking scenery everywhere you look, there are also some extra special bits you will only find with a sense of adventure and certainly not wearing a wedding dress. I am certain you wouldn't find a more picturesque place for a destination wedding that is for sure. 


Where the wild roses grow - Agnes Water wedding photography

'Do you know where the roses grow so sweet and scarlet and free?'


Jazzy Belle turns 2

Two years ago a very special little girl was born into the world. She was in such a rush, her mummy and daddy didn't make it to the hospital she was born right on their living room floor. She is the smartest, funniest, cheekiest 2 year old witchy poo I know! 


The princess and the peony - Agnes Water baby photography

Every princess needs a peony. Preferably an enormous one that doubles as a hat. Little Miss Kit you are devine. 


Sunlight - Agnes Water wedding photography

One of the most beautiful things in this world, is sunlight.


You may say I'm a dreamer - Agnes Water family photography

Imagine the possibilties in today...