BUMP - Agnes Water maternity photography

Goddess with a bump. LOVE. 


Cooper Clarke - Agnes Water newborn photography

The beautiful bump has become a beautiful baby. Cooper Clarke is in high demand, everyone wants a look at him. So here he is, crusty demon in the making.


Theresia and Phil - Agnes Water wedding photography

These two, quite simply are beautiful. They twinkle when they are together. Last Saturday they married on what had threatened to be a windy, rainy day. It was in fact perfect. They travelled by LARC to the gorgeous Eurimbula national park, were married on a deserted beach and then celebrated with some beautiful family and friends. Phil decided to let me know when were taking their photos that evening, that the photos were one of the major reasons for getting married ;) Thanks Phil. No pressure. Thank you Renate and Joseph for asking me to take these precious memories. I hope you love them as much as I do. Theresia, Phil and Jacob. The Eddy's. 

On a personal note:

This time last week a beautiful friend whom I had known from when we were little passed away. I would like to think that she will have a hand in all things beautiful I do from now on, my beautiful light angel. I know for certain she was with me at the wedding of Theresia and Phil. It was from a photographers perspective the perfect day, I had the most beautiful couple, a gorgeous family and the most amazing light. Thank you Marie, for everything. This one is for you.


Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails - Agnes Water family photography

These little boys had their last play together for a little while today. I was lucky enough to be invited along. Smiths you will be missed. 


Quedde and Jesse - Agnes Water wedding photography

Quedde and Jesse asked their family down to 1770 on a Saturday afternoon for a few drinks and some family photos. And a wedding. Surprise. Wedding over, Jesse had a rugby game to play!