K and W - Agnes Water Wedding Photography


Happy Birthday Kai Wesley - Agnes Water children photography

Happy birthday to our beautiful boy. Thank you for reminding us how special this world we live in is and how I must treasure every moment. 


Selkie of the sea - Agnes Water children photography

Yesterday I got to play with a little Selkie down by the sea. She danced like no one was watching, her mummy sang like no one was listening and I just did what I do!

The Crossens - Agnes Water family photography

What a beautiful family, they have fun, frivolity and a bit of naughtiness as well. Kids needed to be bribed with ice cream.. but so worth it!! 


If you go out in the woods today... - Agnes Water children photography

A very quick 2 minute session at a teddy bears picnic. What a beautiful boy Hunter James!

Miss Chloe - Agnes Water family photography

Miss Chloe has the art of smeyesing down to a tea. For those of you who don't watch America's Next Top Model... it is the very special talent of smiling with your eyes. It was blowing a gale today, it was better kite flying weather than pretty hair for photo shoot weather, but Miss Chloe WOW!!! 


Sunset hoop - Agnes Water commercial photography

Sometimes you capture that magic moment. The light is right, you get 'the shot'. A special thank you to the birds who knew they would top it off!!