Kylie and Neil - Agnes Water maternity photography

It won't be long until Kylie and Neil meet their beautiful baby. I haven't known Kylie all that long but I can tell you one thing, being pregnant has moved something in her and I don't think she will ever be the same. She is different, she was softer and more beautiful than I had ever seen her during our bump shoot and I think motherhood is going to be an amazing journey for her. Kylie and Neil, I can't wait to meet that baby. 


Almost Edible - Agnes Water commercial photography

Like lollies?? I love them!! A very, very clever brisbane jewellery and accessory designer has come with these ALMOST EDIBLE yummies for your fingers, ears arms and necks. You can find her here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Almost-Edible/206279969405620


There was a little girl - Agnes Water family photography

'I feel the sweetest of waves tap at my feet, I feel the softest of breezes tickling my cheek. Something tickles my tummy, something deep far inside. Something flutters there, and whispers 'mummy I am alive'. I put my hands down to where I have felt this small moving and whisper, 'if you're there tell me again that your heart is beating my small blessing'. I feel you move inside me and then, my whole world becomes something beautiful again.'  


Baby blessing circle - Agnes Water family photography

Yesterday we sat in a blessing circle for Kylie and Neil's baby. This is for those of you who were there to remember those beautiful and very touching moments and those who love Kylie who weren't able to make it.


Sizzle - Agnes Water wedding photography

I think sizzle says it all. They sizzle together. EEK!!